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It is a challenge to reach, but you would do anything and everything to show Mr Right this beautiful place. Then at the top, Mr Right would use this moment to propose to me. We are regarded as a gay friendly nation because we possess a warm, welcoming, fun and friendly spirit. We spent years in a Spanish convent and 50 years in Hollywood — ha ha ha! But as a result, this has shaped us to be more open minded as to what is different and more accepting of change.

In 30 minutes you can be at a mountaintop resort enjoying fresh produce and inhaling the fresh country air, or you can be by the sea enjoying our fantastic beaches, eating delicious Cebu lechon roasted suckling pig for lunch. I think the influence of show business is the main reason. So many elected public officials used to be in this industry, which shows the strong showbiz influence in Filipino society. Yes we are naturally drama queens the lot of us!

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And, since there is always a gay personality behind every showbiz success story, this has positively influenced how the public sees gay people. We also have a couple of famous and influential gay personalities in show business that have broken negative gay stereotypes to appeal to the masses. For example, Boy Abunda is an influential talk show host and Vice Ganda is a very funny comedian. Go to Greenbelt Mall in Makati, hold hands with your boyfriend without irony and the worst that could happen is you will get provocative, mildly shocked, quietly unnerved stares.

And that's it. You won't get stoned, called names, or publicly shamed by conservative Catholics who might feel scandalised by the sight of two buff boys showing very visible signs of affection towards each other. Greenbelt is a classy, family mall, of course, so take that into consideration. When you go out into the streets of Metro Manila and behave the same way, it might be a different experience altogether.

If by gay-friendly, you mean people are not outwardly hostile, then yes! Philippines is gay-friendly. Just stay away from the comments section of the Filipino dailies because the amount of vitriol in some of them is just too much. I would also take him to cold Baguio and Sagada, Mountain Province where you can hold hands as much as you wanted underneath all the layers of clothing. Patrick is a fellow geek and has an excellent blog to prove it. Compared to the USA, where I was raised, the Philippines is not as accepting of gays, especially now that the gay marriage laws have finally been passed by the US Supreme Court.

Despite this, the Philippines is one of the most gay friendly destinations in Asia because the people are more relaxed, easy going and welcoming to all. The Philippines is seen as gay friendly because a large amount of our economy depends on tourism, hospitality and catering, each of which naturally attracts the pink pound.

What follows next will be the greatest adventure!

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Why is the Philippines so gay friendly?

Added bonus: Our favorite place to look is GetYourGuide because they have over 30, highly rated activities, a user-friendly booking process with free cancellation and a 24 hour customer support. This article contains affiliate links. If you click on them, we may receive compensation which keeps our website alive and helps us bring you to more destinations. I have visited Philippines about a dozen times, and wish I had discovered it earlier in my life! The guys are so gorgeous, warm, and friendly. I have used dating sites also, and found lots of really sweet and genuine guys.

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One word of advice, though. Most guys want to be treated with respect and affection. They do NOT want to be regarded as objects or one of several of your conquests. Just be nice and sincere, and they will truly appreciate you.

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If you fail to give them respect, the good ones will be deeply hurt and the bad ones will be more determined to fleece you of all the money you have. Remember, the average Filipino has a very small disposable income, chocolate and pizza are luxuries to them. Do NOT behave like richer-than-thou boor. I am now happily engaged to a very special Pinoy and we plan to marry in mid Thanks for your comment Alan- and totally agree with you.

Top 8 Gay Experiences in Bangkok

We Filipino gay wanted to be happy all the time so we make our friends happy and stress free, deep inside we had our own problem to be face like discrimination. We used to make laugh of it because we nothing from their insult instead we respond on them a happy thought about ours. We had a gay fiesta here for Beautiful and Ugly.

Aside from being friendly and hospitable, my take as to why filipinos are gay-friendly and is open to homosexuality, transgenderism, crossdressing etc, was deep rooted from our pre Spanish behavior, culture and history. Tribes in pre colonial era were ruled by a datu but also had a spiritual leader which was called the babaylan. Babaylans were mostly females but a male could be one too if he had no problems dressing up as a woman and taking the demeanor of a woman too. Male homosexuals during that time would also become babaylans. It was also said that these male babaylans could have sexual relations with other men in the tribe and no one would care.

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Things became different though when some parts were Islamized and also when the Spaniards arrived, colonized the country and converted majority of the filipinos to Christianity. Thanks for this guys, leaving on my first trip to the Philippines on Friday morning. Cannot wait to get there. Am spending a month in order to really become familiar with the main island. I have hooked up with people on Facebook and thats exciting to see them.

Excellent idea — unfortunately they only gave us a 30 days visa — not long enough in our opinion! Never been to the Philippines def. What is the prominent religion there and could that have anything to do with their openness to gay people? I felt like in Thailand, the buddhist culture of acceptance of others was a big influencer in this…just wondering about the Philippines. Catholicism is not very gay friendly. Of course in my experience people who hailed from other countries, visitors, and tourist are treated nicely.

Like when I was in a certain 3 class hotel people have reservations I notice people who only came after me was given first their accommodation prior to a minutes of waiting, mostly foreigners if not guest with huge and nice car while me who only entered that building on foot. Of course we complained and in that turn we just accepted their apologies enjoy the weekend and just never come back at that place, find better ones. It does not mean I hate foreigners or you guys I love people no matter what race, color, or level of sparkles we have!

It just there will always be good and bad people. As how they see Vice Ganda a popular gay personality ever wondered if this fella were never noticed? Gay travel in Asia can be confusing to say the least. A lot of people will look up gay rights in Asia and for the most part be disappointed. We experienced this part of Asia as a gay couple and only had positive experiences.

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We returned to Asia again in for our honeymoon, where we spent 3 weeks in the Philippines.